About Us

Officially named North Shore Senior Options in 2014, this life care management program provides a team of care managers trained to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor and provide services for older adults and their families. 

Geriatric care management has been provided through North Shore Senior Center on a limited basis since 1988. With the unprecedented growth of the senior population and more adult children providing hands-on and supervisory care for aging parents, it became apparent that more families could benefit from Life Care Management services. With that purpose in mind, North Shore Senior Options moved into an accessible office space within the Center and assembled a staff with broad experience in the field of aging.

In fiscal year 2015-2016:

  • We served 54 unduplicated people and provided them with 1,317 hours of service.
  • Volunteers spent 58 hours supporting the North Shore Senior Options team.

The potential benefits for you and your family to work with a life care manager may include, but are not limited, to:

Save on Costs

  • Most life care management services are not covered by private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. We charge $160 per hour for all services offered except for Daily Money Management, which is charged out at $75 per hour. North Shore Senior Options has an initial consultation offered for free. 
  • Working with North Shore Senior Options for a one-time assessment or for ongoing support is likely to lower your expenses in the long run by helping you plan ahead and avoid making hasty decisions that might prove unnecessary or overly expensive.
  • North Shore Senior Options life care managers can help decide which home care services may be necessary, can help with financial planning for future care, and more.

Make Better Decisions

  • Care managers can assess a person's living situation and recommend changes such as modifications to his or her home, or help navigate the rocky transition between assisted living, rehab, the hospital or moving to a facility.
  • Thorough assessments allow each care manager to understand your needs, customize your plans, and perform services specifically to meet your and your loved one's needs, including everyday activities, nutritional status, safety, memory, depression, finances, insurance, health history and more.

Navigate the Medical System

  • Life care managers can help you communicate with healthcare professionals and make sure doctor's orders are understood and followed.
  • An ongoing relationship with a North Shore Senior Options life care manager should help you avoid unnecessary hospitalizations for your loved one.
  • Care managers are a great resource in helping to arrange for services or in offering referrals.

Supervision of a Care Plan

  • Life care managers can help coordinate all aspects of a loved one's move to a facility.
  • Care managers can serve as an extra pair of ears and eyes when you are away.
  • Care managers can facilitate communication between family, caregivers, doctors, and others involved in the care of your loved one.

Find Support

  • North Shore Senior Options can help share the burden of weighty decisions and suggest ways to pay attention to your own needs and recommend caregiver support.