In cases where an individual is unable to manage his or her personal or financial affairs, North Shore Senior Options is able to act as guardian to ensure the safety and well-being of the individual. Senior Options is able to act as Guardian of Person as well as Guardian of Estate. Our guardianship program encourages independence as much as possible for the individual, and we adhere to the National Guardianship Association’s Ethical Principles.

As Guardian of Person, Senior Options makes healthcare decisions and coordinates living arrangements, health, and personal care services for the individual.

As Guardian of Estate, Senior Options manages the person’s income, assets, expenses, debts and financial welfare.

All guardianship cases are court-appointed after determination of the individual’s incapacity to manage his or her personal affairs or estate.The court would also consider whether there is an authorized substitute decision-maker in place, like a power of attorney, when determining the need for a guardian.

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