Therapy & Counseling

Counselors are currently taking new clients and using Telehealth for face-to-face meetings. To learn more, call 847.424.5672.

There are many wonderful things that can occur for adults later in life, including retirement, positive relationships, self-acceptance, and less worries about life’s decisions. But growing older also may bring about difficulties that you were not expecting. You may find that you have challenges related to: health; finances; the stress of caring for a spouse or other loved one; the loss of a spouse, other family member; the loss of friends; feelings of depression; and feelings of anxiety. Any of these can lead to a decrease in your feeling of well-being, and a decrease in general health and wellness. If you are experiencing any of these challenges, you may want to consider Therapy & Counseling services from our experienced, licensed therapists. We can provide you with support in a safe and judgement-free environment, giving you the opportunity to address these and other issues you may be facing.

  • Services are offered for individuals 55 and older
  • We accept Medicare Part B
  • A self-pay option is also available
  • Services are provided by experienced Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Short- or long-term therapy is available to assist you with the difficulties you are facing
  • Services are available by appointment in the client's home or at North Shore Senior Center's Northfield and Niles locations

View our Therapy & Counseling flyer.

Please download and complete the forms below and bring them to your first appointment.

To learn more about our Therapy & Counseling services, please call us at 847.424.5672.