Daily Money Management

Our Daily Money Management services are provided in your home or in our office, by our professional daily money managers.

Our staff can assist you with managing mail, sorting and organizing paperwork—even setting up a simple filing system. In addition, our staff will make your monthly
bill-paying tasks easy, and help ensure accuracy and timeliness of payments.

If you are overwhelmed by medical statements from providers and Explanation of Benefits statements (EOB’s) from your insurance company, our staff can assist you with reconciling your statements with your EOB’s, to help ensure you are receiving all benefits to which you are entitled.

When tax time rolls around, our staff can assist with organizing tax documents and ensuring that incomes taxes are prepared and then filed on time.

Our staff will seamlessly coordinate with other professionals such as your attorney, your tax preparer, or your financial planner/investment advisor.

And with Financial Fraud becoming more prevalent, having an extra set of eyes overseeing your accounts may help deter fraud, or catch it early before it takes over your financial well-being. 

View our Daily Money Management flyer.

To learn more about our Daily Money Management services, please call us at 847.242.6270.