Home Safety Assessment

Our home safety assessment is designed to enhance the function, comfort and safety of your home, with special emphasis given to considerations for remaining in home. The assessment consists of a thorough room-to-room inspection, designed to identify safety issues, allowing us to make safety improvement recommendations.

We evaluate the accessibility, flooring, furniture, and lighting as well as use of each of the following areas of the home:

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedrooms
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Indoor Stairs
  • Outdoor Stairs and Walkways

Recommendations can range from simple solutions such as re-arranging furniture or adding lighting, to more complex solutions, such as assistive devices or home modifications. Referrals are provided to appropriate services should any come up.

View our Home Safety Assessment flier.

To find out more about Home Safety Assessments, please call 847.242.6270.